Akác-kelet Ltd.

Our company way established at the end of 1017, before which time we had processed acacia as an entrepreneur.

Our company specializes in producing acacia products that range in size from 6cm in diameter and 1m in length poles to 30cm in diameter and 13m long Y-shape poles.
We offer peeled and polished poles, sawn stakes, vine-culture support systems, traditional stakes, components for water and landscape architecture as well as components for playgrounds and sawmill industry products.

Our products are also present on the international market: we have customers from five different EU countries. We do our best to fulfil individual requests as well. Our site and machine park is continuously under development, so that our customers receive their products the earliest possible and the in best quality possible.
Our site is located in Gyomaendrőd, Békés county.

We hope to have you among our customers.

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